Parenting capacity and risk

Long term good enough parenting; sensitivity, responsiveness and accesssibility of parent



Child-parent       relationships

Parent's representation of  the child (including unborn child)



Child's         attachment

Child's attachment representation of their parent



Welcome to Just Assessments


making it easier to care


Just Assessments aims to reduce the stress and workload of our colleagues who safeguard children. We share the responsibility of keeping children safe. We provide analytical family assessments that place the welfare of children at the centre, and make clear recommendations for their future.


Just Assessments provides a comprehensive overview of each family.

We do this by solid evidence based social work and  incorporating statistical measurements and tools that support the circumstances of each individual family.


All assessments are community based and are conducted by qualified social workers and or psychotherapists who have been trained and accredited to use the relevant assessments, tools  and interventions such as:

Missing from Home & Care Return Interview and Assessment of Need

Mother & Baby Accommodation, Support and Assessments

Family Mediation & Family Group Conference

Parent Assessment Manual ( PAMs)

Community -based Parenting Assessments

Viability Assessments

Child Attachment Interview

Sec 7 & 37 Reports and Assessments

Special Guardianship Order Assessments

Pre- birth Assessments

Safeguarding Home Visits, Support & Assessments

Child Contact Interventions- Supervised Contact

Parent Development Interview; Reflective Functioning


Please email for detailed information on all our assessments and interventions.


All  our social workers are registered with the HCPC and posess professional indemnity and public libility insurance.