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Just Assessments aims to reduce the stress and workload of our colleagues who safeguard children. We share the responsibility of keeping children safe. We provide analytical family assessments that place the welfare of children at the centre, and make clear recommendations for their future.


Just Assessments is managed by a cooperative of qualified and experienced Independent Social Workers.  We are not an agency.


We adopt a psychodynamic and relationship social work practice approach.


We remain impartial throughout the assessment process. All reports clearly specify facts, opinions and observations.


The well-being of the child is central in our work.


All our social workers are registered with the Health Care Professions Councils and have full professional indemnity insurance.


All  our social workers are members of BASW & CoramBAAF

Just Assessments has been an approved provider of services to local authorities since 2006. The services include family and parenting  interventions, support and assessments.


Just Assessments has extended its work to embrace complimentary services which include initial and core assessments, Form F, Connected Persons,SGO assessments, child attachment interviews, assessments and coding, the Parent Development Interview (reflective functioning), missing from home & care Return Interviews and  safeguarding home visits.Just Assessments also works with teenage mothers and their babies within The Foundation project.




Just Assessments will undertake checks on families where there are concerns; ensuring children are seen and spoken to, home environment and houshold make-up assessed. we are able to undertake announced and unannounced visits. All visits are conducted by qualified social workers.

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Keeping the needs of the child central in all assessments

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….Whilst the assessment process has been challenging the interviews conducted was undertaken with respect to our cultural and ethnicity, for which we are grateful. We also are thankful for the sensitivity that was taken in interviewing our grandchildren.


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