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All our family and parenting  interventions and assessments are community based and take place within the family home, contact and family centres, community settings. We accompany the family to appointments and outside activities. We see families throughout the week including weekends.


Just Assessments undertakes assessments throughout the UK and internationally.


Assessments take between 4-12 weeks. Missing from Care and Home Return Interviews are conducted within 72 hours



Just Assessments recognises that many of our families may have complex needs and multiple problems with specific concerns around:


Domestic violence

Drugs and alcohol

Learning disabilities

Mental health


To get the best possible information and make sense of known facts Just Assessments will:


Interview mother and father as appropriate, jointly and or separately

Interview children

Observe parent child interaction

Observe whole family interaction

Observe sibling interaction

Meet the family in a number of settings and at different times of the day

Carry out interviews with extended family and professionals

Access records of health, education and criminal activity


Just Assessments writes a narrative report with clear analysis and recommednations. We adopt a Signs of Safety aproach in our work with families.



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….Whilst the assessment process has been challenging the interviews conducted was undertaken with respect to our cultural and ethnicity, for which we are grateful. We also are thankful for the sensitivity that was taken in interviewing our grandchildren.


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